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Online and in-company education

Training is essential in organizations. Trained workers increase productivity, motivation and periods of permanence in the company. At Tobalina Consulting we offer companies a comprehensive training service. We develop and improve the skills and competencies of workers to promote the development of talent and the productivity of companies.


Online Education

You can take some of our online courses and certifications through our specialized companies.

Lean Six Sigma Training and Certifications

Entity accredited by the CSSC

(Council for Six Six Sigma Certification)

Courses and accreditations

Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Master Black Belt, Champion, Lean Bronze, Lean Silver, Lean Gold, QRM

Training in Supply Chain Logistics

Courses and accreditations

Masters and higher programs in Supply Chain, purchasing and stock and warehouse management.

Training in Maintenance and Asset Management

Courses and accreditations 

Masters and courses in maintenance management, TPM and RCM.

our methodology

Learning by doing

Didactic games, practical cases based on real experience, expert tutors dedicated to consulting...


In-company training

Our in-company training allows maximum flexibility and adaptation to the training and specific needs of your company.

The training program is adapted to the requirements of the companies. It is a totally personalized training, with a clear and agile structure that allows to fix the key concepts of the training.
We offer courses in the following areas:
  • Operations 
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Warehouse
    • Maintenance
    • Production
    • Services
  • Lean Six Sigma
    • Lean Management
    • Six Sigma
    • QRM

The application of didactic games in training allow the direct involvement of students and multiply the expansion of their learning. Other objectives are:

  • Apply the techniques in a practical way.
  • Perform simulations where participants can propose and see the results of their proposals.
  • Measure and see the results through indicators.
  •  Acquire rigor and focus on problems and solutions.

The practical implementation cases are real cases of the client company that are executed during the course of the training program. The practical application is essential and is part of our Learning by Doing methodology.

  • Visualize the application of the training carried out to the processes of the company itself.
  • Observe the advantages of applying the different Lean Six Sigma techniques and tools.
  • See the improvements obtained in common day-to-day processes.
  • Practice and improve communication and Brainstorming of the work team.

talent training

"Education means inspiring someone's mind. Not just filling their head"


Learn. Inspire. Progress.

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