Lean Six Sigma

Innovation must be based on a methodological process of continuous improvement. Excellent companies not only seek to provide good service or adjust costs. But also aim to continually improve their processes. In addition, the speed of changes in the business world requires the implementation of continuous improvement quickly and efficiently.

Lean, Six Sigma and agile methodologies, are at the center of operational excellence.

At Tobalina Consulting we are specialist consultants in Lean, Six Sigma and Agile methodology. We analyze your processes and help optimize them thanks to the Lean Six Sigma methodology. We identify all those activities that do not add operational value, we reduce the variability of the process to increase quality, we redesign processes and we accompany you during the adoption of the culture of continuous improvement in your company.

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Lean management

Lean management puts the customer at the center. The objective is to reduce waste that does not add value.

  • Agile Lean Management
  • Process improvement
  • Change managemen
  • Layout or floor plan
  • Tool changes. SMED techniques
  • Systems of methods and times
  • Implementation of Lean improvements
    productivity plans
  • Implementation of Lean tools: 5S, VSM, MTM, TQM
  • Kaizen and Kaikaku improvement teams
  • Awareness raising and In-Company training adapted to the needs of our clients

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is applicable to all industries and processes. The goal is to reduce the gap between customer requirements and reality.

  • DMAIC structure implementation
    Management: OTM (Objective Tree Method for LSS)
  • Management: PS (Project Selection for LSS)
  • Management: SSM (Structure Selection Method for LSS)
  • Management: TP (Training Program for LSS on the black)


QRM proposes a specialization in the improvement of those companies with customized products and/or services or many references and a lot of volume

  • Change management
  • Implementation Quick
  • Response Manufacturing
    MCT (Manufacturing Critical path-time)
  • Dynamic of systems

LEAN SIX SIGMA: operational excellence

"Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence"


Move towards excellence.

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