Process improvement

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Office or service processes of companies must focus on continuous improvement. This allows organizations to improve the quality of work, conserve resources and improve job satisfaction. The use of continuous improvement tools -such as Lean and Six Sigma- goes beyond the Supply Chain area. Adapted to the particularities of office and service processes, the application of these tools in the improvement of any process allows your business to fully move towards excellence.

At Tobalina Consulting we are expert consultants in the improvement of office processes. Our specific methodology focuses on achieving continuous improvement through Value and the Voice of the Customer (VOC. Voice of Customer) applied in service environments of companies and in office processes in the areas of administration, finance, HR, Commercial, Marketing, IT, Quality, etc.

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our added value in improving office processes and services

Increased Productivity: Savings in hours and costs.

Radical improvement in administrative lead time.

Create more versatile teams: Ease of substitutions for vacations or sick leaves.

Reduction of existing and future file volume.

Unique and common information.

Free space.

Reduction of waiting times.

Delete Duplicate Activities.

Optimize stocks.

Savings on Office Supplies.

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improvement of office processes and services

"Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection".


Take your processes towards excellence.

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