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I love the T-bow, so much so that I purchased 17 of them! They stack one on top of one another and take up surprisingly little house in my back bedroom. I'm only reminded of them once i need to change the bed. When the mood is upon me I drag them out and take them to my Pilates courses. They add interest and make regular Pilates workout routines way more difficult. My classes love them and so do I. When not in use they stack neatly in a nook.
But now there's a rival available on the market - cue the spooky music - the WAVE has arrived!
The WAVE is pretty related in design, except that it is a slightly different shape. It is the brainchild of the US firm referred to as the Firm, whereas the T-Bow is designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
So what is the distinction between them?
1. Whereas the T-Bow is moulded right into a single curved piece of excessive density plastic, The Wave has a brace to help give it power. The scale and form are virtually the identical although the T-Bow is less bulky and easier to transport. In contrast to the Wave, the T-Bow is stackable which is an advantage solely if in case you have a number of of them.
2. There may be one hell of a worth distinction! The WAVE costs slightly below $a hundred, the T - Bow twice that. And it's quite tough to get hold of a T - Bow at current within the US.
3. With the Wave you get a stack of extras included in the price. A wall chart exhibiting you the basic strikes, several DVD's which take you through primary to advanced workouts (Cardio, Energy and Fat Blasting). The T-Bow by comparison solely comes with a wall chart and a small booklet.
4. To enhance your power training workouts each the Wave and the T-Bow will enable for attachment of elastic exercise bands. They don't come included with both however may be bought cheaply and are readily obtainable.
I charge both as glorious items of Rongbienclub.Com home train gear which will burn calories and tone muscle. Nevertheless the WAVE has my vote when it comes to value for money and the package deal supplied.

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