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1:44 p.m.: The U.S. men after podium training. The general message: don't worry, be happy. Yes, there were a few drops, but they don't feel podium training is indicative of how the competition is going to go. To paraphrase John Orozco, everybody would rather fall in the podium training than in the meet. The U.S. men very much think that they are in this for gold.

do a handstand

Beth Tweddle, bars: Jump to high, overbalances first cast Handstand and has to bend her legs.toe full to Tkatchev to Ezhova, blind to Ono to Markelov to Geinger.stuck full in tucked! Well.I don't know what to say about that. She definitely took out a few of the difficulty she had been doing before, but it was a hit if you dismiss the opening handstand.

Sam Oldham: The Youth Olympic Games champ on high bar here.Layout Tkatchev, hop 1.5, and loses it on some inbar component and has to swing free for a sec, an obvious error. Stuck dismount, like his teammates, but GB will have to count two low scores here.too bad.

Elsa Garcia, beam: Putting chalk around and around her knees. In a pink, white and black leotard practically dipped in sparkles. Switch half to jumps. Punch front, step ahead, small wobble. Side somie, small wobble again. Front aerial, pause. Switch. And finally, a Patterson (Arabian double front) dismount. Lands low and has to step to the side, but she made it.

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Warmup notes: Beautiful 1.5 through to Arabian double front (stuck) from Beth Tweddle through warmups on it would be a surprise if she does not compete now.

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